S751e Smart Terminal for Electrical Applications

Innovative electrical control & monitoring terminal unit for the Energy Internet


Feature Application Function Structure and Size Performance and Parameters Model List Download

1. Class 0.2s high resolution 3-phase I, V, P, Q, PF, F, KWh, KVarh measurements;
2. Residual current Is input: 2.5mA or 1/5A for leakage current detection;
3. PT100 temperature sensor inputs for equipment condition monitoring;
4. Binary inputs for equipment status monitoring;
5. Relay command outputs for circuit breaker control;
6. 4.3" LCD panel for real-time measurement values display and HMI operation;
7. CAN and RS-485 communication ports for IEC870-5-101, DNP3.0, Modbus protocols;
8. Embedded dual-core ARM processing to support real-time operation system forcomputation processing at the edge of the power grid;
9. Five models A, B, C, M, Q for 3-phase single feeder monitoring, 3-phase dualfeedersor simultaneous HV LV circuits monitoring, dual 3-phase feeder switching,eight lines of 3-phase feeder monitoring, control + power quality monitoring +event-driven waveform recording respectively;
10. Extendable to 1–63th sub-harmonic wave measurement for power quality monitoring, storage in 4G SD card
11. Extendable to 100Mbs RJ45/SFP Ethernet, Wifi, 4G, NBIoT and Lora communication ports to support IEC870- 5- 104, IEC61850, DNP Security etc protocol and Internet applications;
12. Standard DIN 92 x 92 mm cut-out size for new and retrofit installations;
13. Safe and reliable operation in -40℃ to +80℃ for device (-20℃ to 70℃ for the LCD panel)

S751e uses 92 x 92mm cut-out:


Address:3/F, Building B, NO.39 NanYun San Road, Science City, Guangzhou, China

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