T651-RTU Remote Terminal Unit For Generation Plant and Transmission Substation

T651 RTU Remote Terminal Unit For Generation Plant and Transmission Substation


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1. T651RTU is based on a distributed Ethernet architecture design that is fully expandable, upgradable, complies with theIEC61850 standard as well as supporting plug-and-play and intelligent configurable remote terminal unit. It is a remotemonitoring, measuring and automatic control platform for power generation, power grid and railway/metro;
2. T651RTU uses embedded state-of-the-art ARM/DSP processor, high-speed back plane connection, industrial grade Ethernet switches processor chip, high-speed high-resolution synchronized sampling and IEEE1588 network time-sync hardware technologies. It is built on embedded real-time operation system for database processing and multi-protocol communication management. It is an integrated communication, real-time monitoring and power system control monitoring platform. Its hardware and software modular architecture has fully considered the next generation Internet and Industry 4.0 applications. Its intelligent highly configurable capability can flexibly adopt to a wide range of solutions for power substation, power plants or other electrical facilities;
3. T651 RTU complies fully with the relevant IEC, IEEE, GB and DL standards on safety, reliability, stability and compatibility. It carries standard five years warranty for long term equipment and system operations.

T651RTU support a wide range of control、monitoring and measuring applications:

--Power generation

--Power grid



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