S751-ATS Smart Terminal For Dual-Feeder Auto-transfer Switching

Realize reliable & safe power supply from multiple sources


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1. 6 schemes of dual- feeder automatic transfer switching suiting the various situation where switching between main/ backup source power supply is required
2. Optional scheme for two or three incoming feeders with one or two bus sections
3. 7 inches LCD touch panel for dynamic real- time visualization of data and HMI
4. Optional LED mimic panel for real- time status illustration of the primary circuit

5. Modular 12- slots expandable system architecture for user configurable control, protection and measurement applications

6. 2x SFP, 1x CAN, 1x RS232/ 485 ports, Wi- Fi and 2/ 4G communication, support IEC870- 5- 101/ 3/ 4,IEC61850,DNP3. 0,DNP Security,Modbus protocols
7. Optional PT100 temperature signal input for contactor and bushing temperature measurement
8. Compatible with ANSI and DIN, constructed in a compact size aluminum alloy casing that suits installation in all popular control cubicles
9. Support safe and reliable operation in the temperature range of - 40 to 80 ℃

1. Factory and enterprise that require automatic switching between dual power sources
2. Distribution substations, power distribution panels or cubicles that require automatic switching between dual power sources
3. Control & monitoring of the dual incoming feeders of 35- 1000kV power substation
4. Gas and coal fired, nuclear power plants
5. Renewable power plants covering wind, solar and biochemical categories
6. Energy storage, EV charging poles, micro- grid applications
7. Data center as the control & monitoring platform of the critical power sources
8. Smart building, stadium and sport center as the control & monitoring platform of the critical power sources
9. Railway and public transport facilities applications
10. Highway, subway and bridges infrastructure applications
11. Marine port, airport and logistic center applications
12. Oil and gas plants applications
13. Water related facilities applications

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